Dear vegans,

How do you get your B12? 

I will probably start taking some supplements, but what are some good foods fortified with B12 that you eat?



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  1. linearbbq said: Nyf on everything! The soy milk I buy is fortified with B12 as well (I think most non-dairy milk is). But I take a supplement anyway so I don’t have to worry about it.
  2. afitterhealthierme said: At the moment I’m having b12 injections but that’s because I’m having other health issues, normally I take a supplement which has b12 in it.
  3. sailorvegan said: Nutritional yeast is a delicious source. GTs Synergy Kombucha (it’s a drink), fortified cereals & Almond Dream are all simple go to’s. (PS I got your message. Thank you so much. It made me exceedingly happy. I’ll be responding to it tomorrow :D )
  4. puramlitora said: The occasional sublingual supplement (mine taste like cherry!) and nutritional yeast do the trick!
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